Omni Watch - Blops Specialists

We are a nullsec crew, and member corporation of Wild.Hunt alliance.

We are a PVP community, opening our doors to new bros and vets alike.
We offer hands on training and mentoring for any eager to learn.
Content galore and fun to be had, with an EU and US TZ community to fly with.

Login!, X up!,
Undock!, Hoora!

Currently calling Fountain home, we raid the local neutrals and ride the wormholes!

Primary Doctrines include:

  • Hound/Purifier/Nemisis/Manticore
  • Astero
  • Stratios
  • Tengu/Proteus/Loki/Legion
  • Sin/Redeemer/Panther/Widow
  • Recons (Salt farming is fun)

If you are interested, feel free to join us on our ingame public channel OmniWatch public and or pm rose darksun if interested

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still recruiting

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