Omni Watch - Blops Specialists

(Rose Darksun) #1

We are a nullsec crew, and member corporation of Wild.Hunt alliance.

We are a PVP community, opening our doors to new bros and vets alike.
We offer hands on training and mentoring for any eager to learn.
Content galore and fun to be had, with an EU and US TZ community to fly with.

Login!, X up!,
Undock!, Hoora!

Currently calling Fountain home, we raid the local neutrals and ride the wormholes!

Primary Doctrines include:

  • Hound/Purifier/Nemisis/Manticore
  • Astero
  • Stratios
  • Tengu/Proteus/Loki/Legion
  • Sin/Redeemer/Panther/Widow
  • Recons (Salt farming is fun)

If you are interested, feel free to join us on our ingame public channel OmniWatch public and or pm rose darksun if interested

11,5M sp Pilot | Looking to Return | PvP and PvE | Grinder
Casual newbie here looking for a laid back crowd
[-POD-] 5th Rebel Corporation
Looking for Corp with PvE, Mining/Production, Trading
Fusion Enterprises Ltd is recruiting for PvP , Miners / ratters
50+mill SP toon LF Null Mining/Ratting and pvp laid back plz
Who wants me?
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Low Sec PvP - Filthy Peasants is recruiting
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Looking for active WH Alliance
Looking for a new corp? BEST. - recruiting veteran and new pilots!
Returning Player seeking
PVP-Industry-PvP-Industry-PvP Bros
Null Sec (-0.9) Corp Recruiting - Join Our Expansion!
Bittervet looking for new home
~38M SP- Looking for Gang pvp
Considering return (gone 4 yrs, 27M SP)
71M SP - Looking for pvp corp. J-space/0.0 pref
Looking to join corp to Rat!
Returning player looking for group to fly with!
5m sp miner looking for corp
LF Active PVP in great Wildlands
Looking to join corp to Rat!
LF active lowsec corp who blops regularly
Looking for a new Corporation
00sec PVE corp in Fountain is looking for you! (12system)
Hax. corp looking for a pvp alliance/corp
Returning player looking for New crew
130m SP char looking at ... stuff
Recruiting Bros of all caliber
Coming Back
Australian Corp Recruiting- QuantumTech ind
LF active corp with good isk making opportunities
137 mill SP char LF Null sec PVP Corp
85M SP Old player back after 5 years searching for a pirate corp in low sec
117 mil sp super pilot looking for home
CLOSED - 140m+ returning pilot is looking for corp
Fallout Industries. PVP - New bros, Old bros, Any bros
Australian Corp Recruiting- QuantumTech ind
--- High Sec Players - We are Looking 4 U ---
Northern PVP corp looking for members
(Rose Darksun) #2

still recruiting

(system) #3

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