Omnidirectional Tracking Link vs Enhancer

Say you using medium drones to try to hit frigates more often, what is better the mid slot or the low slot?
And will both stack if you use one of each?
Assume no web, scram or target painter is being used here.

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Well, that depends on what type of defensive tank you’re fitting as well as how many slots are available.

If you’re doing a Shield tank and the ship only has 4 mid slots, then you’re going to need those slots for shield and prop mods leaving low slots available for Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer.

If doing Armor tank then the low slots will be used for that, leaving the mid slots available for Omnidirectional Tracking Link.

Now if you have extra slots available after fitting up your defensive mods then by all means go ahead and fit up both.

Yes, stacking penalty is applied.

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