One-line Bad Idea thread continued

Biomass Russian roulette minigame. Win big or lose it all!

New ECM module that randomly changes your target lock to something else on the grid.


Ram scoop modules on ships that lets you park on the sun/planet to scoop for isotopes, liquid ozone ala Elite Dangerous.

Module that increases damage you take over time.

Drug tolerance and withdrawal mechanics.

For example, buff progressively tends towards zero if taken during withdrawal. Base withdrawl penalty is negative buff before factoring tolerance, but tends towards double negative base buff. Base withdrawal time is double buff time, but tends towards four times buff time.

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Voice command module that gives benefits the louder you are in coms.

this is a thing , you need to shiptoast harder lad.

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Can you show me a forum killmail lad? :slight_smile:

NSFW ship skins and apparel.

Smartbombs deal damage based on the player’s IQ.

Player designed missions, because most people are really bad at making fun and balanced “levels”.

Ships age and start to malfunction

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Triglavians invade Jita, Amarr, Dodixie and Hek.

Substitute blueprints for RGBprints

EDENCOM Titan that is basically an upwell structure that can move.

We will get there, but first we need a dreadnought.

EDENCOM dreadnought that is a moving refinery or something like that? Because reactions.

Honk button for the Orca that makes whale noises

EDENCOM Fleet Doctrines.

Different ammo types for different turrets of the same size and class.

(i.e. 250mm railguns take different ammo than 200mm railguns, etc.)