One-line Bad Idea thread continued

Make titans dockable in a palatine keepstar only

Make stations dockable in the titan…

You’re doing it wrong.


When a wormhole connects to a new player starting system an AIR flotilla enters and establishes immediate local visibility in that wormhole.

Every system has a gate to every other system so travel times are lower.

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Adding the NES to every rightclick menu


It is odd that an advanced space civilisation does not have nukes, they could be easily be added as a new kind of missile. To be realistic, a Nuke Light Missile should do 200km AOE damage, and be able to 1 shot a capital. The larger ones can scale up from there.

you mean like nova missiles or nuclear projectiles?

Give Socratic his account back.

Remove the orca fleet bay and give it a bigger ore bay.

It would make orca mining less tedious

Jackhammer sounds for mining equipment


Dedicated high slot added to all ships, which can only be used for fitting a festival launcher.


Exotic metalliminal storms now include an additional modifier to waste amount (not waste probability).

Palantine Titan.

A pure hauling ship with at cargohold size, some where between an Industry ship and a freighters cargohold