Oneiros BPO

Oneiros Blueprint Original - ME-10, PE-20
160 Billion Isk
Located in high-sec system

I will take in-game eve mail offers for those seeking anonymity. Please forgive me if I am a few days behind checking eve mails. RL is busy.

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Back up…

i sent a ingame mail 2 days ago.

160b. To the top

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contract to me please 160b :slight_smile:

Took a nice in-game price. If I decide to sell more prints, I will contact you first Kristina. So long for now.

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Buyer did not come through. Print is back up for a few days. 160b minimum.

145 ill take it right now.

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contract to me for 150?

Back to the top for 160b

contract to me for 160

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