OneTrit Challenge - EVE online One red paperclip!

You may or may not have heard the story of the One Red Paperclip. As the notorious story goes, through a arrangement of 14 exchanges (no cash ) over a number of distinctive states, a man exchanged his way from one ruddy paperclip all the way up to a two-story farmhouse in Canada.

So here I am, sitting in Jita with 1 Tritanium in my hangar.

I want to trade this Tritanium with you for something bigger or better, maybe a ammo, a firework or perhaps a ship module.

If you promise to make the trade I will fly to you, wherever you are, to trade. Hope to trade with you soon!

I will also keep this thread update with the trade I made, you can contact me through in game charater Scooby DoBydoooo, or join the ingame channel : OneTrit .

Hope to trade with you soon!

p/s : I might donate the item, or sell it for plex then donate to Plex for good, idk yet. I’m going to make a continuous chain of ‘up trades’ until I get something big, like a carrier, structure, or even bigger than that. You get the idea.

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First trade have done, in Jita, 1 Tritanium for 4 x True Sanshas Radio S. Thank you , 319.

WTT: 4 x True Sanshas Radio S.

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Thanks for the trade : - )

2nd already, huge thank to @DaineMudda ,

4x True Sanshas Radio S for an Armageddon Biosecurity Responders Skin. Now that a huge jump from the Tritanium !

Looking forward to trade this one!
WTT : Armageddon Biosecurity Responders Skin

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3rd trade in one day, I was in Amarr looking to trade the crystals but no one want it. Lucky Daine Mudda offer me the skin for it. So I went to Rens to trade the skin. While in there I am able to trade the skin for a Catalyst!! A T1 Destroyer!!!

Thanks Tony Anthony for the Cat, hope you get more successful gank and not killed by Concord.
Armageddon Biosecurity Responders Skin for a Catalyst !

WTT: Catalyst hull.

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This is cool, I am willing to do a good trade for you a bit later in the chain.

Looking forward to trade with you @CistaCista !!

Also FIY, a Catalyst required about 80,000 Tritanium to to make in industry :smiley: , I am now looking for a single item to trade right now, since it much easier to trade with others.

WTT: Catalyst hull with something a bit better o/

Tried my luck to trade the Catalyst in Uedama, but nobody interested. So I fly my pod to Amarr hub to offer trade. And I am able to trade the Cat with a Maller from @McIntosh1137. Huge thank McIntosh, I hope you have great time in eve, and grow your corp.

WTT : Maller hull

Fun fact : You will need about 540,000 unit of Tritanium to make a Maller

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5th trade, Got a nice pair of Women’s ‘Minima’ Heels (gold) for the Maller, ty @Botannne (ty for helping me move stuff around XD) .

The item is now located in Dodixie, now I just need to find some female character to trade with :smiley:

WTT : Women’s ‘Minima’ Heels (gold)

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6th trade, Thank to @Tony Anthony’s reference, I was able to trade the heels for 2 fully researched BPO : Armor Energizing Charge Blueprint & Mining Equipment Preservation Charge in Eram. Huge thank to @Umbra Mortem, hope you enjoy the new heels. Also shout out for Raid Alliance, they are doing a lot of fun activities around Hek region, such as hs ganking, PvP roaming null and wh and more, come join for fun experience!!

WTT : 2 fully researched BPOs : Armor Energizing Charge Blueprint 10/20 & Mining Equipment Preservation Charge Blueprint 10/20.

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7th trade, those bpos are sure hard to trade, but I finally manage to exchange it for an used Noctis when I was Amarr. Thank to @McIntosh1137 , again. Now I have moved the Noctis to Hek, looking for new trade.

WTT Noctis

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