Onyx Academy enrollment ending soon!

Join Onyx Academy PVP / Indy Corp today!

looking for 5-10m+ SP (skill points) pilots interested in:

-Small Gang PVP
-Various Fleets (Roaming, mining, Ratting)
-Moon Mining
-Brushing up on solo/Small gang tactics

  • FCs, Fit masters, and experienced player welcomed as well!

but Most of all, We want players who are willing to teach and learn, to aspire great; Pick smart fights, learn the space, Know out allies and enemies an Have fun. This is our home and We Just play with our friends, protect our home and crush our enemies :slight_smile:
In the beginning, There was no limit to the amount of warp core stabilizers in the low slots. now its one. que the cyno. I get it its deep; you may feel lost in the giant cluster of microtransactions we call EVE online. but one thing is certain. you cannot wallow in you inability to make decisions on your own. that Onyx Academy is now accepting enrollment. Think of us as your introduction to Nullsec; you’ll get a taste of everything from roaming to Mining, Exploration to bigger fleet work, or even just killing NPCs with the one or two others. The possibilities are endless. and if you already know you way around maybe you just want a place to chill with the coolest Giga Chads in null. so come and Reap the spoils, bash the structures and camp the gates. Lets fly safe n fly smart.





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