Onyx Reborn

Onyx is a small group of burnt out Star Citizen players looking for something different to do.
Retired/stay at home/work from home Eve Online and Star Citizen addicts.
Veteran pilots looking for a smaller group to make a measurable impact or new players looking for a crew that isn’t massive.
Experienced logistics & FC’s are a plus!
Onyx is a US/NA based crew (EU is of course very welcome) expanding to 50 players. Not 900. Not 300. Just 50.
We are an exclusive crew. No multi Org/Corp players here.
Onyx is an ACTIVE crew. Eve Online is a “daily driver” No weekend warriors please.
ACTIVE= logging in 4 times a week or more and engages with the group.
We are looking for industry focused players as well as PVP driven folks to protect our assets.
Skilled miners are valued.
Skilled combat pilots are valued.
ACTIVE players are valued.
Lurking in the discord and not engaging is NOT valuable.
Be valued. Be valuable. Be included. Get in on the ground floor and be a part of building something. Use the discord link to connect and ask me more questions.

Connect with us on Discord: Onyx Industries
Use my Ref link to get 1 million skill points: Get 1 million Skill Points for signing up free to EVE!