Open for Interpretation (PvE with some PvP)

Getting back into the game after a few months of inactivity and starting back up this time with a focus on some of the PvE aspects of the game.

Who are we and what you should expect:
We are a group of friends that want to get on and hangout with eachother while enjoying the game. We drink, say crass things, but never try to intentionally bring someone down or make someone have a bad day.

What we are doing in eve:
New triglavian incursions/FoB’s and maybe some other stuff when it comes up. PvP will be ran spraticly for fun at the moment until someone more dedicated comes in and wants to run the show.

What I’m looking for in players:
Firstly people who dont get offended easily and like to joke and relax after work, this isn’t a second job to us but a game to have fun in. Secondly people who are looking to take up leadership roles/already know what they want to do and want some friends to help them do it. Thirdly people looking to learn the ropes of these things with us as a group.

What skills do you need:
As of now you should at least be able to fly a decently skilled armor battleship. We will likely move to shield when we become more confident as a group. Would reccomend around 7.5 mill sp although I’m willing to take you as long as you are willing to train for what we are running.

Times of operation:
Currently we are a PST Corp running from around 6pm to about 12pm if active players join in other tz this is subject to expand.

If this sounds fun to you join our public in game channel “Open For Interpretation”

Or join our discord


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