Open for new and returning pilots: RISES is gateway to NULLSEC

Gateway to NULLSEC

  • As a returning CEO - after a break of nearly 10 years - RISES aka Regalis Industria Scientia Entrepredre - is accepting newborns and returning pilots looking to get (back) into the game - in particular, in NULLSEC.

  • As you complete our training exercises - we introduce you into our family of friends (other corps) already in NULLSEC. We are out of alliance - to avoid highsec wars (boring when you are new and/or moving old assets).

  • Our training focuses on learning how to survive and/or reship as quickly as possible - aka Learn howto die - and smile.

What to expect

  • For returning players - we will workout an individual plan. Often this is mainly helping you get your stuff from years ago moved towards your new home. And, asap, we will get you into NULLSEC comms.

  • For newborns: we expect you to finish the tutorial agents at least once. That gets you some basic skills (and likely you have already done that).
    Some skill plans focusing on the magic-14 skills that all pilots need - sooner rather than later - and, as needed, skips and fittings to do missions and/or mine. In short, we want your focus on skill development - both mechanical and actual piloting skills.

  • For PVP training - we shoot at each others ships. It’s faster for everyone if a ‘kill’ is considered complete when structure gets under 50%. But we will have training where we do go for 0%.

An example

  • Three ships: target and two tackles. The targets goal is to get away - while shooting at the tackles - while the tackles goal are to tandom hold the tackle for two minutes.

Looking for a home in NULLSEC but have not yet found a way? RISES might be your gateway!

Contact me (Denebola Rises), in game mail - for more information. Or apply, and we will see you in corp.

p.s. bring friends and be ready to make friends!

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