Opening 100 Vorton Boosters Gift Boxes

I opened 100 Vorton Boosters Gift Boxes to try and see what are the chances for the xx-3 and the xx-5 boosters.

I got better luck on the second 50 boosters I opened.

Opening boosters is very variable and I got 3 RA-3 is an row. It is to be expected that it is variable.

Interestingly, there didn’t seem to be a big difference between xx-3 and xx-5 dropping, they roughly are the same for the DA AND GU. The RA however had 11 RA-3 and none RA-5. Like I said its variable and I would need to open more for better results.

The first 50 Boosters I opened up is here

The total 100 boosters I opened up is here.

I will also list the 100 boosters here in case some people can’t view the images

DA-2 : 33
DA-3 : 3
DA-5 : 2

GU-2 : 23
GU-3 : 3
GU-5 : 4

RA-2 : 21
RA-3 : 11
RA-5 : 0

Please share what you have opened up from multiple boosters

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that looks cool , i like gambling
how much is a vorton box? whats the name of the item( i want to try my luck) ? how much the jackpot item is worth ?

The DA-5 is worth the most, there is buy orders in jita for 7mil right now and sell orders at 8 mil.

Buy orders for vorton projectors are at 66k and there is some movement with them (though you would be competing with me :slight_smile: ) Sell orders are at 300k for them which is high.

After this experiment I am not sure how worth it is but feel free to try.

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Captura de Tela 2020-06-24 às 02.04.48
is that?

Yes that is it.

ok lets try 18 one sec

edit: done

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Thanks for sharing.

thats was fun
lets do it again
it will take some time
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You know…in the past the mere THOUGHT to bring this kind of lootboxes to EVE would have been stuffed back into the throath of CCP by the community…and totally right doing so…

But those times are obviously over…

Yes i can already hear your answer ‘Those are no regular loot boxes blablabla’.

FACT is their mere existance is a border crossing that better had never happend…like the sell to pearl abyss,the main reason for this crap…

It’s a test balloon for bigger boxes and the golden ammu,and other boxes and shop only ships that are better than ingame stuff.things that will come soon now,and be sold as ‘great and new content’…

This game is not special anymore and all that try to keep this status by saying ‘this is eve’ may even believe that…but it’s just imagination…


i dont think it was good in terms of money but there it is
for science!!!


hey space rorschach
there is a lot o things to do in EVE

you need to diversify , maybe you find something special for you


I think that calling these ‘lootboxes’ is debatable. Yes, it is a box, and yes, it contains randomized loot, but people acquire them from the developers as a gift. People don’t have to do anything to get one except log in and claim it. If someone wants to sell theirs on the in game market, they can. If someone wants to buy it off the market, they can. Either way, it’s a player to player exchange initiated by players and concluded by players as opposed to a developer run skinner box to keep you playing the game past the point where you were having fun.

To some extent, I enjoy not knowing exactly what I’m going to get when I open something. It’s nice to get stuff. It’s even nicer to get lucky and get the good stuff. It feels good to get lucky, which only happens when things are not pre-determined. The posters above seem to be enjoying the study of the boxes in a scientific capacity fully aware of the consequences of their participation. I don’t see the harm in this. If CCP crosses the line we can call them out on that. We shouldn’t make a villain out of anyone for what it is speculated they might do in the future when there’s no proof of intent to be found.


If you would be longer than 2 weeks in eve you would KNOW i’m right…

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It’s a test balloon dude…

A balloon that -as i said- would have been denied and popped by the community let’s say 5 years ago without doubt…

Today i’m not so sure…

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it not boxes you buy or have to purchase keys for or ccp would have to find another way around the EU laws thats slamming EU and all sorts of game that “advertise” gambling to the youth.

The first one’s always free.


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