Giveaway draw (closed and draw completed)

I will be giving away some items for fun.

I will be having 1 draw and will be picking 2 names. Will be using this site to pick names:

You may only enter once, but will be entered for the draw, The draw you win is random based on the site.

The draw date will be at about 19:00 eve time since I have got lots of responses to this thread.

Also all players who reply in this topic will be listed in here so I can input the usernames into the site for the draw.

The 1st draw winner will get

  • Gnosis Crate
  • Extended Capsuleer Day Glamourex Booster
  • 5 Agency Support Drop
  • 5 Capsuleer Day Signal 10 ‘Needlejack’ Filament
  • Jin-mei Silk Cord
  • Antipharmakon Aeolis
  • 20 Large Faction Ammunition Crates
  • An Abyssal Damage Control, image here:

The 2nd Draw Winner will get

  • Sunesis Crate
  • Apotheosis Crate
  • Basic Capsuleer Day Glamourex Booster
  • Antipharmakon Thureo
  • 20 Medium Faction Ammunition Crates

Winners are


Reserved for List of names entered into draw.

z0ra Berg
Daichi Yamato
Brun Warbear
Sebat Hadah
Forum Posting Alt
Mrcrab Bojinov
tutucox Khamsi
billy kideer
Fox Me
Gar-Shiva Nakrar
Dranlari Desolate
Asar Kardde
Archer en Tilavine

Hm. Sure, why not! I’m in!

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I’ll enter.

Free stuff \o/

I mean, why not? :+1:t2:

Can I win the stuff? Who knows we will find out.

I’m in :slight_smile:

lets test my luck

Aren’t those time limited?

Yes, but they haven’t expired yet. They will be good for a few months I believe. I have the extended one active which is better than the basic. Be careful, they have a long duration so I dont think you can’t upgrade if you use a lesser one until they run out, which it may have expired by then or most of the benefit is gone. I’m kind of regretting not spending the extra 150 million on the best one

edit: sorry, I misread them, the duration isn’t as long as I thought. probably not worth the extra 150 million.

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I don’t think I have any use for this, because I’m not actually doing missions, but in case I win this I can still sell it. Thank you for the information!

Yes of course, you can sell. Remember the booster also increases faction standing rate though which is great if you have any low faction standings.

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dam forum don’t let me only X

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Only X?


in fleets and other events in the game eve online you put a
in the chat to say IM IN :smiley:

oh ok, I will add you to the list right now.

hey hey i am in

Shiny, I’m in :smiley:

I’m in!

@Fox_Me @Gar-Shiva_Nakrar Ok, will add you right now

@billy_kideer and you too