Free Nyx (Final Giveaway)

I quit the game years ago and recently came across a RnK video that reminded me of the good times I had while playing the game. I have an alt sitting in a nyx that I am giving away. Details are as follows:

  1. Send an in-game email to Bdericks with the pilot name that will be flying the nyx (you have to be able to fly a nyx).
  2. In roughly 24 hours, I will randomly select one of the emails sent to me and that will be the winner. I will contact the winner via private email and we will coordinate how/when to get the nyx (I will also post the name of the winner in this post)
  3. I only ask that the eventual winner reply in this thread after they receive the nyx to confirm they did in fact receive a FREE nyx.
  4. If the winner does not link up with me within 24 hours of winning announcement, I will pick another winner (also will be stated via private email and this post)
    5. Please only send me your pilots name once (don’t have your alts/friends send me the same name over and over, etc). I’m trying to do something nice for someone, don’t make my life a pain to do this.

I realize some might be skeptical, and I don’t blame you. I originally thought I’d do an actual raffle where you have to send isk or something in order to weed out emails, but I decided against it and am just going to give it away. Depending on how this goes, I have other valuable things to give away. I think I will make a thread in general discussion and link here. If you want to just say hello/goodbye, please do it in the other thread. Good luck everyone


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CCP in their Divine Wisdom has removed all gambling and lotteries from the game. We obviously can’t be trusted with pixels because we’re all RTM deviants. Get out while you can!!!

Is it considered gambling or a lottery if I’m just giving someone something for free though? I could see if I was doing a raffle or something, but this is just “hey, who wants something for free?” If I’m in violation of something, I guess a moderator can delete this post; I’ll check my emails in 24 hours, I’m sure I have some replies :slight_smile:

No. I was just saying that those days are over. “No more fun” is CCP’s new motto.

Its a shame to see a pilot leave the game, i’m sure you have your reasons so i’ll wish you the very best, yes i entered but no i know posting wasn’t a requirement but i felt i should still give you a final


Thanks Cypherous. Good luck, fly dangerous

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you miswrote cheaters

So youre going to have someone with 100 alts send you 100 messages from different alts?

I dont see this ending well.

There is officially a winner. I emailed the winner directly. Please check your in-game emails. As of this writing, I have not received a reply from the Nyx winner For security reasons, I will name them here ONLY after they have the nyx in possession. But fear not for those who didn’t win a nyx. Everyone who emailed me in the last 24 hours will get something from me. (Ships, isk, etc) I won’t be back online for a few hours and will give away all the secondary prizes then, so be patient :slight_smile: But do check your mails, contracts (hopefully that is still a thing), etc for gifts.

Sometimes in life, you just need to take a leap of faith. That could be as simple as this giveaway, applying for dream job, or talking to your crush. You may not always be successful, but the lessons learned combined with the eventual triumphs make it all worthwhile.

Take care my internet space friends,

I received 1bil from that guy :slight_smile:
I must admit that I was sure that it’s fake. So thanks for isk :smile:

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Everyone who contacted me received 1 bil isk. Stay tuned for more giveaways.

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My pleasure man, enjoy.

Thanks for the ISK man, I’ll make sure to turn it into fun and a couple beautiful explosions.

That’s all I could ask for :slight_smile:

Ok, so the main giveaway is done. My nyx has a new home, so now it’s time to give away more free ships.
Come to Saikamon as fast as your wings can carry you. I’m giving away more spaceship pixels on a first come, first serve basis. I have at least 100 billion of stuff to give away. See below on how to get free lootz.

  1. Go to Saikamon
  2. Type in local chat “Fly Dangerous”
  3. Dock in the III Moon 2 station and open up a convo with me
  4. I will either open a trade window with you or contract you stuff
    If I contract you stuff, it will be in another system, I have stuff all over the eve universe
  • I have a time limit that I will be online starting from now. As I get closer to that deadline, I will be handing out more items at a time. The last person will receive a very nice and expensive item.

Good luck to all

I got an ark from this guy! Awesome way to leave the game. Thanks again!

Got a bunch of random stuff that will be put to hilarious use.


I got a tengu with subsystems from this guy. Yay for free stuff, thanks.

ok everything is finally gone; took me almost all day lol.

Thanks to everyone who participated and made this a fun event. Every single person who interacted with me (either through mail or in local) got something.

I didn’t keep any real good records, but I would estimate in total, I ended up giving away several hundred bil in isk/blueprints/mods/ships. I’d say the range was roughly 500 mil up to 50 bil per person in giveaways. But more importantly than that, it was a way for me to finally close this chapter in my life in my own way.

My hope is that everyone had a good time that participated and maybe it generated some buzz in the community that people will talk about over the next few days. But long term, I’d hope that at least one person will pay it forward either in game or RL. There is good amongst us and hopefully this is one of many examples of that.

This is my final post. I wish you all well.

Signing off,