I Quit the Game - Free Stuff

I quit the game years ago and decided to give away free stuff. See the post below for more info.

If you just want to say hello or goodbye, you can do it in this post.

Fly dangerous,

So, you will just pick one without reading it’s contents?

Yes. I may read the emails afterwards depending on how many there are and how much time I have.
I was thinking I’d log in, check the number of emails and then use a random number generator (with min/max) to determine which email I open with the winner.

Good luck

See the other thread for updated rule (this is in response to the above)

Too bad you’re going away. Eve always needs more pilot. I guess you had the wrong corp or group of people to play with. I too didnt play for a long time and recently came back. I’m having loads of fun compared to my previous years with other games. To be honest, the game makes you having fun but whats the most important and what people forget is its not the game, its the people you play with.

You can see this with crappy, simple or just shitty games. If you play with the right people, you’ll have more fun than playing triple A games honestly. :sunglasses:

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I agree with you. I played for years and honestly was the most fun I’ve ever had gaming. That was both good and bad. When I quit playing 4 or 5 years ago, I had 10 accounts, 30 toons, every ship in the game, stupid amount of isk, was in some great corps, played in every aspect of the game, was in some fantastic battles (Battle of Asakai was my titan that bridged and started that fight), was in one of the ATs; pioneered many aspects of the game; so many great memories. The problem was that I was spending all of my time playing the game and ignoring my family and hardly sleeping. I was addicted; I had to quit before it was too late. I still get tempted to come back and play, but I know I couldn’t just casually play.



thats why I play with 1 character only. Nothing else. no more. More time for friends and family. But ya, Eve can be addicting. If you don’t know how to control it then its best to let it go completely in this case.


You’re a smart man, enjoy the game, but don’t let it get out control. After my last reply I started thinking about some of the battles I was in; I remembered I made a few videos (wish I made more), but I’ll link 2 videos if anyone is interested in some throwback Eve.

First one is a me and one other friend flying sleipnirs (with 3 booster alts) and taking on a persistent gang of low sec pirates. (2 vs many; crazy tanking)

Second one is my POV from the Alliance Tournament that I was in.



So where is this free stuff?

Oh, I am not eligible for free stuff…

Bamboozled again. :frowning:

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It’s in a safe system. I logged in last night and there was no one else in system. The winner should easily be able to get it and move it where he/she needs to.

Nana Skalski,

In the very near future, there may be more free things; stay stuned.

I too felt a little bummed about the “must be capable to fly the Nyx” thing… and i’m not even considering to play the game ever again! :rofl:

EVE shapes your mind in weird ways…

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Well it’s a shame you had to stop playing, but sometimes it’s just how it has to be, I’d like to wish you the very best and all the luck in the world.


Everyone should be glad it is not a real life floating nyx. :stuck_out_tongue:

nyx nichts, Skalski

no ship for you! :man_cook:

I entered as I can fly a Nyx (though I have never been in one) and it would be a good fund raiser for the Bus


So, I can hold you accountyable for all the hours I wasted playing EvE. I watched a video of the battle, bought the game and six years on am still here.

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Haha that’s awesome! Thank whoever made the video. Sadly, I was in some great battles (many without lag-unlike Asakai), but I almost never recorded anything. But yeah that was a pretty cool fight. While fighting I was buying every HIC I could get in JITA and then using my jump freighter to bring them so we could hold points on as many supers as possible. Good times, good times.


There is officially a winner. I emailed the winner directly. For security reasons, I will name them here ONLY after they have the nyx in possession. But fear not for those who didn’t win a nyx. Everyone who emailed me in the last 24 hours will get something from me. (Ships, isk, etc) I won’t be back online for a few hours and will give away all the secondary prizes then, so be patient :slight_smile: But do check your mails, contracts (hopefully that is still a thing), etc for gifts.

Sometimes in life, you just need to take a leap of faith. That could be as simple as this giveaway, applying for dream job, or talking to your crush. You may not always be successful, but the lessons learned combined with the eventual triumphs make it all worthwhile.

Take care my internet space friends,