RNG Omega rewards?

I almost don’t want to say anything bad about geting actual boosters as items in my hangar but why did some of my accounts get 4 and others only 3?
I don’t remember paying only 3/4 a subscription for those?

One of mine got… 1 :slight_smile:

Getting us used to it before $$loot boxes in the store…

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They’ve already introduced the multi tier log in reward crates - I note they are changing the names to Loot Crate Tier 1 from Omega Gift - so only a matter of time…

Sick nasty, bruh! I can’t wait to pop open some crates and get my hands on some legendary ships. I’m gonna be streamin’ it the entire time, so make sure to tell all your buds to tune in, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

It’s gonna be lit AF. Now I just have to figure out how to swipe mom’s credit card to do it, lols!


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