Opportunities Window

So there is this thing that says opportunities for you. I don’t get it. I thought it would be like like the missions WoWS used to have where they give 3 choices each week, you do one, and get ISK. Well in that game it was their in-game currency not ISK, but same idea. However, I did many of these and unlike agent missions never got ISK. So is it less “mission of the week” thing and more “here is what you can do in the game”?

CCP thinks that it is sanbox game so people dont know what to do .
So may be people think there is nothing to do and leave the game may be ?
So they want to tell people there is something to do…

Sory iq lvl 65 here cant proceed further.

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So to be clear, unlike agent mission, no matter how many opportunities I do, I don’t get ISK? Thanks. I was wondering if there was a minimum number I had to do tog et a reward

May be there is deeper secrets and mysteries that our limited inteligence cannot comprehend… either us or them… no other way . ahm… also i dont play the game anymore …im ready to accept my ignorance . may be someone enlighten us

Eve is (meant to be) a free market society (as much as anything can be). And like a free market/free society you make your own choices and destiny. No one holds your hand in life after you’re an adult.

There is a LOT to do in Eve beyond just missions. All of it a balance and choice between risk and reward.

And Eve is a growth game. The more you grow in your game experiences and skills (not just trained skills, your personal “soft” skills) the more you’ll want to try to do.

Enjoy it! :+1:


I don’t mind that there is more to EVE than just missions, its just that the way the oporuntites screen was made it seem like missions

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