OPTIMISTIC WASTELAND is recruiting looking for partner alliances, individuals & corps

We are a fast growing alliance in High Sec looking to recruit new Hight Sec Corps who are ready for a bit more excitement. We are also always open to hiring new individuals especially if you are a military veteran or active duty.

In 4 to 6 months we are to make a push in to Null Sec so if your ready to ramp things up a bit send me a note.

Alliances we are interested in getting to know you - like what you hear send me a note.

Thank you


You came to the wrong neighborhood. Recruitment is over there --> https://forums.eveonline.com/c/corporations-alliances/recruitment-center

Thanks I’m new to the forums

As you already remade the thread in the right spot, this thread is redundant and I’ll close it for you. Thank you.