Orbital Tactics is Recruiting New/old/returning players

Hello everyone. I’m here to let everyonel know that Orbital Tactics is currently recruiting New players, Miners, and those looking for a new player friendly corp that is focused on helping people learn the game and get established in EVE.

Who we are:

Orbital Tactics as a Corporation in eve is a high sec mining Corporation. We run Corp Moon mining ops and clear out belts for YOUR profit. We’re not interested in having you mine for the Corporation unless its a specific organized operation for something specifically related to the corporations growth as a whole.

However, Just because we are a mining corp doesn’t mean tha’ts all we do. Wormhole Exploration, Combat sites in high/low sec, Agent missions, we have people doing it all and the hope for YOU is that you come to us and get to a place where you are making isk through mining while learning about what you would like to work towards in game. I myself picked up my covetor and procurer… did some mining for a couple weeks before discovering exploration and now that’s mostly what i do.

Our CEO is a 13 year veteran of the game and is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Having people around with years of experience in the game is a great way to get your bearings in the game figured out a lot faster. Since we have people covering different branches of content there will likely be someone that will be able to answer almost any question you may have along your journey.

Our plans:

Orbital Tactics will remain a high sec mining corp without any anchored structures of our own. This keeps us safe from being war decked letting us grow our wealth in peace. This is the Corp we will be bringing people into so that they can get settled and learn without having the stresses of wonder if your base and ships will be there tomorrow.

We plan on opening a sister corp on our CEO’s Alt inside Wormhole Space. This will allow those of us that are looking for harder more lucrative income to have a home in an area with higher value combat, data, and relic sites as well as better moon mining opportunities and planetary interactions. We have friendships with other corporations in both high sec and worm hole space that will be able to provide us some protection and guidance as we move forward.

Who we are looking for:

We’re currently looking for new players that are looking for HELP… there are a lot of scam “Newbro friendly” corps out there that are looking to profit off you. We don’t care about your isk.

New players just starting out
New players looking to dip their toes into wormholes
New players Interested in Combat sites & Exploration
Returning players looking for a chill no drama place to hang out and socialize

If this sounds like something you’re interested in please contact one of the following people in disc or join our server

Our Discord

Discord IDs of Recruiters:

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