Ore/material description

I think some of the descriptions need to be updated for items in game, especially the reaction materials.

That should say which ore to mine to obtain them.

For example, tritanium tells me which ore to mine and where in the description tab.

"The main building block in space structures. A very hard, yet bendable metal. Cannot be used in human habitats due to its instability at atmospheric temperatures. Very common throughout the central regions of known universe.

May be obtained by reprocessing the following ores and their variations available in high security status star systems:
Veldspar, Scordite, Plagioclase

It is also present in huge amounts in rare ores like Spodumain, Bezdnacine, Rakovene and Talassonite."

But for example cadmium is a placefiller.

“A soft, malleable metal often occuring with zinc ores. Has a wide variety of applications; used in electroplating, superconductors, and as an alloy in various types of structure and equipment.”

Please can you add the relevant ore and place to mine.

If someone says I need to look it up on a website, I know.

I think everything should be in the game. And I see there is some inconsistency in this approach to descritpions.

Thanks CCP



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