Ore & Mineral Extraction Recruiting Closed

We are recruiting Indy & PvE pilots at this time - Spectre Fleets in Alliance.
If you are a miner or production is your thing - new or old there’s a place for you. Orca boosts in high sec, low sec mining of ice and moon. PvE and Small gang PvP players welcome too!

Substantial market… complete with industry, research, invention, copying at better than public rates

Access to the best reprocessing in hi-sec at better than public rates

Access to reactions - better than public rates and very rare to find, in a safe area

Yes we are small at present but we growing and if you want to be part of setting up and growing a corp then feel free to jump into OAME Public for a chat.

Discord available.

Free bits for corp members/new players.

The alliance also gets involved with spectre fleets, wh and small gang

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Actively recruiting

Josh was hear

join us we have cookies :smiley:

and whisky single malt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

still recruiting



I’m enjoying my time here so far.

oh and bump

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glad you like it! - we’re growing :slight_smile:

Pretty relaxed and sociable group, made me feel right at home even before I committed to joining up. 11/10 would hump rocks with.


bumpy bits

Back to the top!

join our public chat - OAME Public

growing nicely over the past week of recruiting - so come and join us - public channel OAME Public

bumpity bump

bumpy but smooth

pretty awesome corp … they have cookies :smiley:

Hi im new to eve and mine for relaxing please send me a ingame mail if you like to have more info

Invite sent