Original tear collector looking for pvp salt farm (Piracy)

Well, it’s been a spell or 19.

I have been playing Eve on and off for a long time. Some of my proudest moments:

  • Honorary lifetime member of the GHSC
  • Deep corp infiltration and clean out service
  • Titan Bowling (few will understand)
  • Original Oldbros (later biddervet) founding father and content creator since '04
  • Minus ten for life brotherhood (not BOB)
  • “Because of Falcon” activist
  • Honest to god mothership err… Super Carrier middleman (totally not chribba)
  • Owner of the famous “Burn Jita” T-shirt
  • Once took “theBucket” from the “theMop”
  • I potty trained theMittani
  • Had a one-off a kind golden goose … once

I made a new character just for this special opportunity and injected her with 100 Million liters of skill juice enemas.

Here are just a few reasons on why you should “let me in”

  • I am totally honest and have no ill intentions nor ulterior motives.
  • I have the certified Fresh (no kills to my name) stamp of approval.
  • A highly suspicious yet entirely squeaky clean corp history
  • “Trust & co-operation” are my middle names.
  • Cross trained in “Can I bring my Drake”, French toast and “In duct tape we trust"
  • I am happy to fill in any open director position
  • Thanks to progressive electroshock therapy, I can no longer lie, making background checks unnecessary
  • I will totally have your back while you are ratting in that 5 Billion ISK bling ship

So, what do you say, hire yourself a space pirate today.


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Seems deeply sus,

We have a policy of only recruiting the most untrustworthy players in the game, you should get on well with Awox.

Join Blackpool Tower ingame or Reikoku and see whats what.

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