Otter Appreciation Society - We like Otters - EU Small Gang PVP

Otter Appreciation Society - We like Otters and shooting people who don’t.

Based in Ostingele with easy access to FW and nullsec space for roaming, HS for cheap logistics and L5 money making.
If you are self sufficient (0% tax), fight for the fun of fighting and look for a chill corp to fly with, join up. This is not about tryharding and blobbing, this is about fighting outnumbered, getting the best out of your ship and blowing it up gloriously.

  • Willingness to move to lowsec and fight
  • Alpha/Omega with at least basic PVP skills (Mentoring available if needed)
  • Fun. Don’t be an asshat, chill with us and enjoy it.
    Corp Rules:
  • No ECM ships. Falcons will be shot on sight.
  • Honor 1v1s
  • EVE is not real life, we don’t do CTAs, if you can’t log on for a while, you won’t be stranded

Contact Nick Sarien ingame for more info.

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