☭ "Our" Space ☭ - Legion of Communism is Recruiting! C4 with C2/C5 statics

Legion of Communism [EU/US/AU]

☭ Welcome Comrade! ☭

We’re a tight-knit WH corp looking for other like-minded individuals who wanna make a lot of isk and blow it all up on pvp ships! o7

What we can offer you:

  • Friendly tight-knit community - We have members that have been playing together for several years.
  • Active Leadership
  • PvP Training
  • Regular PvP, PvE and mining content
  • Low industry and PI tax rates
  • Regular fleet and small-gang opportunities
  • Become space rich in WH space!
  • Our own domain and website for all the infos! (Doctrines, structure timers, forum, etc…)
  • A C4 WH with C2 and C5 statics.

What we expect from you:

  • Friendly attitude
  • 5m Skill points Minimum (This is for you, as we do a lot of C5 fleets, exceptions can be made, please chat with us if you’d like to join)
  • Train into our Defence Doctrine
  • Help with scanning down the chain
  • Active - we hope you’ll join us on fleets, but it’s not required.
  • 1 Month of Recruit Trial status.

LOC Operates purely in spoopy wormhole space, although we often venture into low and null-sec for PvP content.

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What is your activity during eu prime time? And are you using pathfinder?