Outpost construction Skill

With the new industry changes it introduced new items and played a little with the skills needed for manufacturing certain items. With this oportunity I would suggest:

The Outpost Construction skill from Production category I belive needs a tweek.
You can build almost anything from Skill 1. No need to train further the skill.
The Skill does not give a bonus as time manufacturing or anything.

Level 1: build fighters for structures
Level 2: build modules for stations
Level 3: build M type structures
Level 4: build L type structures
Level 5: Build XL type structures

Maybe also add a 1% time reduction/level like the Advanced ship construction skills.

It takes a lot of SP this skill but it should not be easy to build a structure.

Thank you for your time!

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It does.

It’s not written specifically but it actually does.

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