T3 Structure Anchoring (with Skill Loss)

Modular structures (enhanced depots, structure fuel siphons, system wide cyno inhibitors, etc) with powerful attributes or potential for heightened spam if simply balanced around ore/PI material cost would require player to forfeit skill level in a structure skill category upon structure destruction.

This would apply to multi-use and single use T3 structures.

Consider the following anchorable T3 structure proposal:

Structure fuel neutralizer requires level 3 T3 structures to anchor and operate. Covert version requires level 5. If it’s a 5x skill you’d lose ~15hrs at level 3 and ~20 days at level 5 if you are unable to defend or extract your anchorable T3 structure.

For other T3 structures that cannot be reclaimed it’d be an automatic sunk cost. Use would be considered a significant investment.

Please discuss any concerns of P2W, skill point sinks, and economic pressure such a system would introduce.


Why does everything need a t3 version?

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Gotta get that feature creep in on the road to using those T4 and T5 icons buried deep in the game files. :smile:

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