Structure Fuel Neutralizer

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Blood Raider Structure Fuel Neutralizer [SFN]:
Anchorable structure designed to both prevent new fuel being added (or removed) to Upwell structure and increases fuel usage of existing standup service modules. 100km to 5000km fuel neut range. Placing closer to structure increases fuel usage by service modules.

Structure Fuel Neutralizer [SFN] conditionally blocks citadel owner from manually turning off standup service modules to conserve fuel that is locked in fuel bay. If structure owner chooses to disable service module in inefficient state, the service module is destroyed. The goal of the SFN and Structure Fuel Siphon [SFS] is to push a high power structure to low power. More concurrent standup services in single structure = greater potential for fuel inefficiency.

Size 375m3. Too large to fit in interceptor, however they’ll fit in the cargo hold of T1 scouts. They’ll fit in T2 cloaky scouts if fit for max cargohold optimization.

Diminishing returns to deploying more than one SFN.

Destroying Neut Structure:
Anchorable structure (4 hour reinforcement, 15 minute on/offline window). Low HP structure can be eliminated quickly during on/offlining window.

Disabling Neut Structure:
Hacking the structure (relic or data module) will turn off the increased fuel usage affect on Upwell structures, however the station owner will be prevented from adding (or removing) new fuel until all connected SFN’s have been destroyed.

The structure hacking mini-game can also be used to turn an SFN back on.

Anchoring or turning ‘on’ an SFN with a hacking mini-game is considered a suspect act in empire space.

Reinforcing, disabling via hack, or destroying is not considered a suspect act in Empire space.

Structure fuel nosferatu siphon. Behaves similar to SFN, yet rather than increase fuel consumption of standup services, it siphons fuel from structure. Holds 1500 to 5000 units. If full, structure stops siphon. Siphon efficiency rate depends on proximity to structure. In principle anchorable structure siphons much less fuel than the neutralizer eliminates.

The siphon would be ideal in scenarios where you want to steal fuel from a group while they sleep, whereas the fuel nuet would apply pressure during a siege and clean up operation.

Structure hacking should reveal current fuel levels and approx fuel consumption
Structure hacking should reveal current fuel levels and approx fuel consumption
Structure hacking should reveal current fuel levels and approx fuel consumption
Mobile Siphons Remade To Take Fuel From Citadels?
T3 Structure Anchoring (with Skill Loss)
(Raybra Brahms) #2

If this is a troll post: 10/10

If you’re serious: 0/10

(Ag3nt Jita) #3

If this is a troll post: 0/10

If you’re serious: 10/10

(Raybra Brahms) #4

Getting on your alt to post how awesome your idea is: always 0/10

(Ag3nt Jita) #5

Im not that guy lol.

(Raybra Brahms) #6

Yeah, we dont expect you to own up to such a pathetic move.

(Ag3nt Jita) #7

I bet you havent even thinked about his idea. You just bullshitted something here and it’s not ok. Explain what you dont like about his idea or do not make such a stupid comment.

(Nicola Paramtan) #8

Not only is she right but she’s hot !

Im not Raybra Brahms’ alt, nope just some random person that realizes how genius Raybra Brahms is, that’s all.

(Ag3nt Jita) #9

Now that is pathetic.

(Nicola Paramtan) #10

If you want to fight over a structure, fight over it, if you dont have the spine for a straight up fight, then no fun for you.

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Love ya!

(Sasha Viderzei) #12

@Raybra_Brahms and @Ag3nt_Jita, could you guys please stop fighting like kids and come back on the topic ? No because we really don’t care about your little problems, and you can solve them in private.

Concerning the proposition, the idea is pretty nice, it create even more opportunities for a spy. As a suggestion, it would be nice to maybe “steal” the fuel, but it would make the Fuel Neutralizer less stealthy. It would make a version of the Mobile Siphon Unit specialised in the new Refineries, Engineering Complex, etc. But of course, because it would be bigger, it won’t be able de hide like the MSU.

(Nicola Paramtan) #13

This idea will be absolute cancer, individual guy drops these all over the place on huge alliances and huge alliances swat these 24/7/365 like the entosis-cepter garbage.

(Ag3nt Jita) #14

Huge alliances should be able to defend their space.

(Nicola Paramtan) #15

CCP removed the entosis-ceptor garbage, this idea is garbage…


(Uriel the Flame) #16

I am too afraid to post here because I feel I will be accused of being someone’s alt regardless if I support or disapprove OP’s idea. :fearful:

(Hipqo) #17

Yeh no thanks…
I can already see how goons, horde and the other powerblocks will pay members to spam these in every single system.
Do you want even more structure grinding? because this is how you get it.

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Except interceptors don’t have the cargo space to carry multiple (if any) Structure Fuel Nuetralizers and aren’t bonused to hacking if they want to reactivate the SFNs once someone disables them with a hacking mini-game.

For example, make them 375m3. That way they’d fit in the cargo hold of T1 scouts, not T2 cloaky scouts–unless they fit their ship to cargohold optimization.

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It’ll additionally assist occupying forces bring mass spam citadels into a low power state for faster clean up.

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I would rather fuel be eliminated than give people the ability to steal it. From a mechanic standpoint it makes more sense a sabotage module would make Upwell standup modules less fuel efficient rather than somehow siphoning out fuel. Someone could certainly image a feasible way to explain a structure fuel neutrilizer and a structure fuel nosferatu siphon. The siphon steals much less fuel than the neut eliminates.

This however may put a lot of pressure on smaller groups and logistics as the unit price of fuel blocks rise to meet replacement demand.

On the flip-side, this would make ice harvesting exceedingly profitable.