Strange Requirements

Why do you need Anchoring V just to make things like Standup Co-Processor Array I

That is a good question. Never stumbled on that requirement before

Anchoring 5 was required for Outpost construction. They carried it over to the new Upwell structures. As far as I know, you need it for all of them, including the FLEX structures.

Just seems weird because to make it I dont neccesaily need to anchor it, I just want to sell it. So I have to do 17+ days training on a skill that has no bearing on the item at all.

It’s gonna be used in an anchorable structure, so you have to understand the ins and outs of anchoring a structure to be able to manufacture an item that will be heavily integrated to that anchoring mechanism.

You need anchoring 5 to construct upwell structures. Look at a structure bpo under manufacturing.

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