Omega not required for structures?

I was looking through the market to view all deploy-able structures because I was curious,
and it was curious that none of the structures not even the Astrahus Class citadel had the Omega Symbol on it implying that an alpha could use it if they had enough money.

am I interpreting this correctly? or is there somehting else that I am not seeing?

You are missing the Alpha’s (current) skill limitations on anchoring the structure.

If I recall correctly, all Alpha characters are limited to Anchoring I.

Pretty sure you don’t need Anchoring skill to drop a citadel

Citadels are just 3 of the many deployable structures. Some need the Anchoring skill, some need special corporate roles.

how do i find out what skills are needed?

Look at the info sheet for the anchoring skillbook. The required for tab will show you what level you need for a specific structure. The requirements tab on the info sheet of the structure itself will also tell you.

Upwell structures require no skills. A day old Alpha can create a corporation (corporation management skill required) anchor and fit a structure - I’ve done it.

ok, thank you.

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