Alpha and Citadels

Can an alpha anchor a citadel? If they can, can they give someone else rights to fuel, defend, etc?

Nope, cough up the 15$ if you want to play the game.

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stale info retracted…

Thank you for the well thought out and positive response. I am paying to play the game but I want to have a citadel but not wanting to be a war target so I was seeing what options I have. I won’t be coughing up $15 just to have a citadel.

The citadels themselves don’t show any requirements and I noticed that the first box was available on an alpha but since I have never deployed one, I have no clue what level is needed.

And since citadels don’t have skill requirements and Anchoring can be trained to lvl1 by alpha. Also there is no mention on ccp website or wiki that there is restriction.

so yes, you can deploy structure as alpha in my understanding. But your best bet is to write ticket to GM or try to deploy one.

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I’m sure somebody will have a definitive answer to this thread, eventually. But to OP: don’t forget you can do your own experiments on the Singularity test server. Doing a test is a good way to avoid costly mistakes.


I did forget about that. I think I will see if I can test it out tomorrow. Are things readily available on the test server or do I already have to have it in my possession when I copy over?

You can buy most stuff real cheap. If you don’t have the skills, you can buy skill extractors (cheap) and use those. They have a New Eden store, but I am not really sure how that works - like do you lose your Tranquility plex when you spend them on Sisi.

I can say yes.

The issue is to move the citadel from jita. You only have access to level I of racial industrials, so it’s kind of dangerous.

  • Create an alpha account,
  • give it 100M,
  • start training corporation management I on it
  • use a freighter alt to move the citadel, the fuel, a T1 industrial and all the cargohold and rigs for it, to the place you want the citadel.
  • contract the lot to the alpha account
  • go back to jita on freighter alt
  • log in alpha
  • create corporation
  • update your access list to give blue to your main corporations (tedious). What’s important is that you set the corporation as “can control” the structure. They can’t remove but they can add fuel in it.
  • jump in the industrial. Fit it max cargohold. add the cita in it.
  • undock, warp to your location, place the citadel
  • be sure the rights match your main corporation
  • dock again and prepare the fuel for 2 weeks, plus the modules to fit on your citadel.
  • 24h later fit the citadel. Your alt should be able to add fuel, use fighters, shoot with it . Not to remove fit, nor to add fit, nor to remove fuel.

If you have several alpha accounts (not just toon, they need to be on separate accounts) you can do several in parallel. It’s tedious with 10+ structures though.

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  1. Anchor on Omega account. It is safer because you can transport it in DST/Orca and stay cloaked while positioning. Alpha can’t use these ships and can’t use cloaking devices. You just need to uncloak only when positioned and ready to anchor.

  2. When anchored setup all modules, rigs etc.

  3. Setup Alpha account and create a corporation. Set “Accept structure transfers” for corporation.

  4. Transfer the citadel to Alpha’s corporation. You need to be outside of structure in the same solar system.

  5. Setup at least two “Access Lists” (ACL):

  • one for structure users - it can be list of any corps or individuals you want to allow to use your structure,
  • one for structure management - this is like giving a keys to the car so use with caution
  • you can optionally create more access lists to create service restrictions or different price lists
  1. Setup “Profile” for your structure:
  • add both access lists and configure services - don’t give control profile to “structure users” access list
  1. Test!


  1. Only Alpha corp can be wardeced. You can assist it in war (4 hours delay) or transfer characters there (24 hours delay).

  2. Only Alpha corp CEO/Directors or people with can “Station Manager” role in that corp can unanchor structure or change its fit (these roles can do anything so use with extreme caution).

  3. Everyone from “Structure Management” access list can take control over structure weapons and add fuel.

  4. Everyone from “Structure Users” access lists can use structure services.


  1. Only Alpha corp members gets notification about wardec so you need to regularly login there or check their corporation info page to not overlook that.

  2. People in “Structure Management” access lists can also steal ammo and fuel.

Be careful with adding “Everyone” to structure users as this exposes your citadel in everyone’s Overview and makes it searchable via EVE API.

Feel free to contact me in-game if you need more help or assistance with planning.


You’re welcome.

Yes you’re right…I think the skill I quoted is either no more or changed as I pulled that from the wiki…post edited…

if you want to have a citadel but dont want to be a wartarget there is no option, even if you used a alt corp someone could come for the citadel.

the cake is a lie

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I am not worried about the citadel, just don’t want my main characters targeted which is why I was thinking of an alpha account to hold it.

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