Never undock!

Currently I’m more enjoy playing my alpha alt than my this omega status alt with +3 implants.

Because only docked in jita 4-4 is the only safest way I can “guarantee” without losing my implants so I chose not to undock. I will just left my main account parked inside jita 4-4 for few weeks until some skills are up and running.

Im actively playing my alt (alpha acc without any implants) doing ridiculous thing like diving into enemy SOV land like delve, geminate, WH and null sec area fearlessly without care about losing any implants. And of couse dies a lot (, try do that with your heron without any cloak and see how long you can survive xD

Theres something wrong with this, paying $15/month suppose to be more fun than those free alpha acc. Maybe Im just too afraid losing my implants?


No, you just lack knowledge.

Jump over to Perimeter or Maurasi with your main, dock in one of the citadels offering cheap clone service, make a jump clone, switch, get out there have fun in nullsec, later switch back to your learning clone before you log out. There is no jump clone cooldown when switching clones in a citadel.

… also +3 imps are so cheap, make some ISK and don’t worry anymore. :wink:


Warp to an insta undock? There is a moon directly in front of the station (not the huge one to the side) and even a station slightly to the side. Warp there with your small ship. Done, you left the station completely uncatchable.

What I meant is I want to roam nullsec but Im just too afraid of getting podded inside bubble so I only play my alpha acc for rambo mode

thats a new knowledge to me! can i make jump clone without joining the corp?

Says it all, really…


thats why I enjoy playing my alpha acc ^^ because I lose nothing dying, maybe 1mil cost for heron? thats no big deal

Sure, the one has nothing to do with the other. Fire up the structure browser, and look for clone services nearby with small or zero fee. There are a couple with public services, free to use by everybody.

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Well, that is null sec for you. A tip: Don’t bother with implants. You are training fast enough as it is without them and you don’t have to worry about them when you undock. I haven’t used them in years (except for training clones over christmas or vacation when I cannot log in) and it makes you feel so much less bothered. :slight_smile:

If you really want to use implants, then either do what Tipa suggested and place your training clone in a reliable citadel and just switch to an empty clone when you want to PVP. Or you just use the necessary +3s that you need right now for your training. In other words, just 2 implants worth 16M in total.

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Only thing is if you go do a clone in a citadel and then the owner of that citadel turns off the clone bay (by design or by not fueling it) your clone is sitting there and there is no way to get to it, not so bad with +3 but with a 100m worth of implants more than annoying.

I’ve picked up station trading making good isk without un docking or socializing with others

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Bouncing on celestials, bookmarks and d-scan are you friends.

I understand what you’re saying here, but do you start the game with those implants? Like, were they in your character’s head as soon as you created it?

Because I have yet to see a video game where you could lose a thing and then never get that thing back again.

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Yes, but if the citadel gets destroyed you clone also gets destroyed so dont put super expensive pods in citadels.

If you don’t autopilot ever and don’t use a retriever, then you are far less likely to ever be podded in hisec. Even if you are driving a hauler that is getting ganked you can simply warp away your pod.

EvE is not for you.


That and you’re just a muppet.

You train faster on your main with no implants than you would in an alpha with +5’s.

Why not just play an omega with no implants?

Code can’t fix pixel fear.



8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

Be able to afford a loss

  • Never fly something (or with something in the cargo) you can’t afford to lose. Yes, not even in highsec. Meaning that you should not fly a ship you cannot afford to replace and refit.

You can’t afford the loss of that pod, so you don’t undock it. Seems like the game is working as intended.

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