Never undock!

(Sugar Smacks) #21

I have to add don’t fly a leopard either ever. Since the Leopard Extermination Society is a real thing I have heard.

I have heard they literally sit at Jita undock and shoot, it actually is kind of funny.

(Alessa Khan) #22

dude, if your’e Omega why staying with +3 implants? step up that skill lvl grind and invest on some +4 or even +5 if you’re not goign to undock the character anyways.


  1. Jump Clones are mvp and with with omega you reduce the time to swap clones due to the Infomor Synchronizing skill
  2. dont live near a trade hub if you want to avoid loosing implants, find some cool backwater system as your HQ, move whatever you want to sell in something else. perhaps even use the alpha ALT to haul your stuff via Contracts.
  3. loosing implants isnt as bad as it sounds, more so if they’re attribute implants, combat implants on the other hand.

congrats on finding enjoyment with Alpha clones, many people doesnt believe and wants to rush others into going Omega but honestly, i’d rather be a cheap bastard.

also you can survive quite well without cloaks. you just need to train a bit more on things like doing Bookmarks, checking D-Scan and being overall cautious.

keep whelping but also do your research.

(Butt Cigar) #23

When I go for a run, the pain starts to kick in consistently around the 5km mark. At that point, I repeat the following mantra:

“Pain is my friend. Train the mind, train the body”

The equivalent in Eve goes something like this:

“Death is my friend. Train the mind, enjoy the game”

What I’m saying is, die regularly and get over it.

(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #24

When I get into a ship, I consider that ship lost. So when it inevitably does explode, there is no worry. Ships explode. It happens in EVE. Accept it and get a new one. Have fun!

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #25

I approve

(Egg Dintwoe) #26

Your fear isn’t the implant’s fault.

(Mannochmore) #27

Rip out your mains implants and your main is free to do all the things your alt does risk free.

You put the implants in and did that to yourself.

8 Golden Rules for EVE Online
(Mevatla Vekraspek) #28

How to kill your fun by not respecting the Golden Rule N° 1. Meh.

(darkestkhan Eriker) #29

I don’;t see test’s keepstar in perimeter going offline any time soon…

(bloodchow) #30

any good activity to do without undocking? dont tell me daytrade virtual items in jita, i play eve to take a break from trading crypto full time ._."

(Uriel the Flame) #31

Manufacture, blueprint copy, blueprint research?

Though if you rely on others to bring the needed stuff to you (even if at Jita 4-4) you can’t really expect a profit so undocking still might be required even if on an npc corp alpha alt to deliver some needed stuff.


(LouHodo) #32

Funny my omega has no implants… and my alpha doesn’t either. My alpha is a hauler for my omega, who stays enlisted in faction warfare. (RP reasons, and will stay that way till the Ammattar are a playable faction.)

(Maekchu) #33

The point is, that you bought those implants too early, since you clearly are not comfortable enough to lose those.

+3’s are really not that much of a loss. What is that… 50m? It is notthing, given that one can easily make 50m again.
However, if you are not capable yet to quickly make back 50m and you’ve spent all your money on those implants, obviously you are going to feel scared to undock that in case you lose it. You a trader you say, I’m pretty sure then that you are familiar with not investing all your money in a single trade.

Also, people have said to get a jump clone. You want to go to null. People in null don’t fly around in “expensive” pods, since you will lose your pod often. So it’s common to have one clean clone when you want to roam around null and then a clone with your implants, for when you are going to do stuff where you know you are not going to lose it (like roaming around doing stuff in highsec).

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #34


(Complex Math) #35

Hey OP, I’m gonna share this story with you because I think we have some similarities. One of my favorite Eve sessions involved watching a gate camp.

That’s right, I got into a t1 frigate, added warp stabilizers and a prototype cloaking device. Then I entered the camp. First they tried to warp scram me- but I jumped away with ease. Then I got about 50 km away and cloaked. They knew I was there, and they wanted to destroy my ship, but they couldn’t touch me (haha). The whole time, my heat was pounding, cuz I knew that if my cloak failed, I’d be a goner. I saw them get some other unlucky victims before warping off to find another spot.

I encourage you to consider those implants lost, and get out and play. The cloaking devices are only available for Omega- and they’re a blast once you figure out how they work. Plus, as you skill up, you can get into a T2 covert ops frigate (allows you to warp cloaked) or a T2 interceptor (ignores warp bubbles). Omega is required for the T2 frigates as well.

(bloodchow) #36

im on my first month into eve, havent got any shiny skill up yet, maybe otw for a T2 relic skills? now my omega account sitting duck in jita44 waiting my skills up with +3 implants, if i play my omega acc i wont get my skill up any faster, but slower (if i get podded)

eve gameplay design is weird, the game punish you when you become more active, reward you when you become inactive, why not never undock with +5 implants you can train hella faster

(bloodchow) #37

i cant afford to buy a set of +3 implants every single day ._.

(CowQueen MMXII) #38

SP are not the reward. They are just a necessity to unlock ships and modules and to use those a little better. After a while the will become less important and sooner or later they won’t really matter anymore.
What will always matter, however, is the time you wasted sitting on a station, not learning the game and not doing what you want and not earning Isk and collecting stuff and having fun.

Have you calculated how much difference those implants actually make? It’s not really that much.

(Wavemistress Moidel) #39

I use plus 5 implants my training time is 43.5 sp per minute no boosters either, I undock everyday no point sitting in situe at the station. After a time you will recoup the money to immediately replace your implants, plus 3s are not that expensive and are a standard for those skilling up while playing.

(Black Pedro) #40