0.0 No PvP, Alpha clone possible?

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for an opportunity to try some activities in 0.0/null sec but … i don’t like PvP and i would try to avoid it.
I know it kinda contradicts but bare with me k ?

Right now I have 3 accounts

  • gallente ~8 m sp (very old account plexed once or twice in the past)
  • amarr ~4m sp
  • caldari ~4m sp
    All are in alpha clone state, and i plan not to buy plex with $ on them any time soon.
    I 've taken very long brake from eve so I have to learn everything agin and maybe try something I never done before -> 0.0/null.

Is there a way to experience 0.0/null PvE content and not get hammered the minute I set my foot in 0.0 ?
Are there any 0.0/null regions/systems that support players that like me would like to see how 0.0/null is but don’t like PvP ?

One more thing.
I’m kinda lone-wolf type player so I’d like to make it a solo adventure if possible with no corpo strings attached.

Fly to 18-GZM

Join a large nullsec alliance (brave, pandemic horde…), move near their main staging system and rat to your heart’s content. Keep an eye on local and Intel though. You will be able to avoid pvp pretty easy of you don’t mind docking up or moving to an adjacent system every once in a while when a neut or red comes through. Ratting in nullsec with an alpha clone might be tough though. You proboly wont have enough skills but I am not an expert on alpha clones.

To just check what null sec look like Providence is enough, IMHO. Joining Brave (participating in PAP aka PvP activity is a mandatory in many their coprs) will not help him avoid PvP. Pretty much opposite. They all have high sec wars almost all the time. High sec will not be safe any more (no need to give me some crap about “high sec is never safe, only staying docked is”). Horde do not ask you to have PAP but high sec wars will still be an issue. And lone wolf paradigm is very appealing for many grown up players. Family agro makes your non-solo activity pretty much … unpredictable / unrelyable.


Providence You say. I read once that this region supports neutral players. Is it still valid and how does such “neutrality” works ?

Providence has been curb-stomped by PL and date-raped by TEST and is recovering from the ordeal. You could always apply to one of the newbie friendly nullsec corp and ignore the PvP requirements. There will be sufficient time to decide whether you like nullsec and/or maybe want to try some PvP too before they kick you.

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They have KOS list (kill on sight). If you are not on it - you are safe from the locals. And locals will try to kill anyone, who is on the KOS. So you are pretty much safe overall. North east of the Providence is still on fire, thats why I pointed you to the system in the far west :wink:
And TEST did not raped them, TICLE (TEST’s partners) did dirty job. Without Legacy Provi block would still be in low sec atm.

North, West doesn’t tell me much so I will have to put my trust in You kind Sir :slight_smile:

Here you are…

OK ok, so:
bottom left = good
upper right = no go
got it :slight_smile:

plz tell me that upper right is not the only way into Providence region ? =.=

No. While a lot of people will say yes, the reality is that as an Alpha your only purpose of existance in a nullsec dynamic is that of disposable meatshield. Cannon fodder, essentially. Solo you might come across the odd other Alpha or extreme case of Darwinism, but that is incredibly rare.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot be effective in your role as cannon fodder. That is a different discussion.

No. In that sense, there is no nullsec without PVP. A lot of people delude themselves thinking that by chosing to be renters or such they can stick to their chosen perspective of gameplay, but the reality is that everything you do out in nullsec is conditional to PVP. Your own, and someone else’s.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t places you can’t stick it out as part of a larger group avoiding a lot of it. There are such groups, some blocks or alliances provide deliberate room for this in their structure and demographics.

Go to test server? No PvP there.

Edit: been informed that Alpha’s cannot go on Test. So not a great solution for the OP.


Hmmm maybe I try asking for some casual-noob-friendly-PvE-alliance that fit my description of activities.
We’ll see.

Long time ago I got my alpha clone alt there via Misaba… NRDS worked for it those times, it also worked later for my main, that I tryed to settle in O-Y5JQ. Being solo in Providence means you will have to leave Heavens and Sanctums to locals (who, unlike you, have ratting carriers), but being alpha clone you will have hard time to run those anyway.

There are no “casual-noob-friendly-PvE-alliance” in nullsec, they all need to defend their turf at some point. You can try NPC nullsec where you can explore, rat, PI and all but you’ll need to learn all the navigation tricks to avoid daily death…

The problem here is that youre asking a lot without giving anything in return. This is really greedy of you.

Imagine a corp, alliance that spent months grinding, logging in for days at a time trying to capture and defend… Only for some kid to show up and say “hey let me be in your corp and reap all the benefits of making isk in your territory without doing anything to uphold or defend it” . Theyre not going to be too happy.

You gotta offer something back. Isk. Minerals. Building ships for free. Or defending the space once a month or so.

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The only thing I was asking my friend was a question.
There are a lot of ppl playing eve. Maybe there are some that accept null care bears among their ranks.

It’s not about carebears, either you go solo in NPC null, you do your stuff and you try to survie, or you go sov null and look for a corp but your participation will be required at some point. And these people need to defend their territory.

Have to agree with others. Stick to NPC null as a solo player.

SovNull won’t want you unless you’re prepared to contribute in some other way - be sure you’re up front about it, most have participation requirements. And I’m pretty confident that there’s very little you can contribute as an alpha (generally alpha are regarded as sub-human by a majority of nullsov alliances).

Believe me, you won’t want to get locked of a station when they decide to boot you. Sure asset safety will get you your stuff back… eventually… but whatever you undock in is toast and then you get to wait for asset safety for the rest.