Jump Clone Mechanics are Broken for casual players

I have a primary clone in Jita with +5 skill implants installed. I log in every few months. I do not play because it requires at least a 20 hour commitment.

  • Jump to a clone that I would like to play with.
  • Log in the following day to jump back to my primary clone in Jita to continue skill training.

This requires more commitment on my part than I am willing to make. (work, travel, life) Therefore I log in less and less, and eventually will stop logging in all together. Don’t just take my word for it. Look at inactive omega accounts and figure out what percentage of them have +5 skill implants installed. See if they exhibit similar behavior.

The fix is simple. Allow players to designate a primary jump clone. Allow jumps back to said clone regardless of countdown timer.

Can anyone suggest a reason why this shouldn’t be implemented?

Better suggestion: Don’t use implants.

Or put that training clone in a ICY or Horde or Mogul structure so that you can switch clones instantly without timer or even if you have a timer.

Obviously we have a different definition of better. Giving up a training clone for an off chance of pvp/pve is hardly worth it. Building, maintaining a POS when it could be half a year between log ins is too much commitment.

That is why I said you should put it in one of those corps’ structures. And if you go away for half a year, you just move that clone to an NPC station.

Its not like I know how long I will be gone for. The other problem with POS are war decs that I now will have to protect from…

It’s a choice that you make and you have to live with the consequences. That is one of the main ideas of Eve.

This feature is already implemented. I stay in my “learning” clone over night, jump to another for risky PvP, and jump back when finished that night. No cooldown, no timers… just use an Upwell structure.

Tipa, how would I deal with wardecs? I can only commit to logging in once or twice a month and that would also be irregular…

You do not use your structure. You use a structure of a big, reliably group like ICY, Mogul or Horde. There are several of these near all big hubs.


Didn’t know that. Thank you.

Do you know if Is it possible to use their facilities if I’m not part of their corp?

Thank you,

I would also be satisfied if I could just reset the jump timer for PLEX. Could be on an exponential scale. Depending on how many times in the last 30 days the counter was reset. ie. (0, 1, 2, 4, 16, 256…)


This is the beauty and curse of EVE. Great if you are a regular player. Terrible if you are a casual player. This results in an amplified feedback loop. Once you start playing less regular, the fun and magic of EVE vanishes and you want to play even less, which makes it even less fun and exciting…

Of course. They provide structures with publicly available services.

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This isn’t a game mechanics issue. This is entitlement-issue.
If you don’t play actively, why do you feel that you need to be both risk-averse and be able to minmax your character to the fullest?


Use someone else’s public structure … and stay in your expensive pod when you are logged out. In case the structure dies, you just lose your cheap PvP pod.

So EVE should invest lots of dev time to change a mechanic for those that hardly play? :thinking:

Because it’s part of the lore…

A man in his position had easy access to the newest technology and, as the servant helped him put on a robe, he yet again marveled at this new mind-transfer technology. In the few short weeks since he started using it, it had transformed his life in more ways than he could imagine. No more tedious space travel, no more time wasting on idle journeys through volatile regions. All he had to do was set up clones of himself in places he frequented, hook them into the mind-transfer machine, and he could whiz halfway through the known world in a heartbeat. He could spend the morning in a dour board meeting on Alenia V, the afternoon sun-surfing in Maseera and the evening dining at Giraldi’s on Archavoinet II. ‘Ah, yes. Life is wonderful.’ Ancru mused.

This random guy can jump into a Clone for breakfast, another for lunch, and another for dinner. I’ve always wondered why the Eve Chronicles have people jumping around from body to body, but we mighty Capsuleers are still staring at a timer.

I get that they finally did something different with the Citadels. But it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to allow jumping from one Citadel to another in the same day. Sure, it would change tactics. But “boo hoo”, adapt.

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Or you could run less valuable implants. Its a version of don’t fly what you cannot afford to loose.

Its all about balance. At the moment, for those who cannot play as much as they used to, EVE quickly loses its appeal. Don’t believe me? how many of your corp mates dropped out altogether once they started playing irregularly?