Outstanding Calls

Hows this for an idea?

Outstanding calls instead of having to open another windows. They are shown on the UI for example, modules could glow orange if the call is outstanding Etc.

I think the UI in tidi could and should show a bit more information about how the tidi is effecting things around you. Giving information about how time has actually been effected.

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How do you show navigational calls?

At the end of the day, that’ll only show modules; it won’t show other stuff. No reason to re-invent the wheel when the new wheel won’t roll all the way 'round.

Though… one improvement would be to have sustained TiDi (or a suitably high percentage) start automatically bringing up the outstanding calls UI (with a “do not automatically show again” checkbox), and perhaps provide feedback to the user when the call they’ve made has already been issued. That of course would depend on how much info that particular UI has at its disposal (if I tell my fighters to orbit one target and then orbit another, is that the same call as far as the UI is concerned, etc).

Orange line instead of Blue line

And warp (an orange line could be align or warp if you had aligned first and then warped)? Target locks? Standings queries?

Another issue would be one that I regularly encountered the other day in X47. Sent my fighters to engage a target, noticed it was flying away and sent my fighters to engage another target. The guns were cycled on both targets, knowing that I was within range for them to engage the target but out of range for the module to “immediately” cycle.

With orange highlighted modules, the guns would have been orange, but I’d have not had the clarity that the guns had been activated against both targets.

You know what… now that I think of it, I was thinking about this wrong.

In my mind for some reason I was thinking “replace”. There’s no harm (imo at least) in adding this to existing, so long as the existing remains unaffected.

Have a +1.

No nothing is replaced, just imagine any command you give, the usual notification that’s its happening appears on screen but in orange if the call is outstanding.

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