Feature Request - Colored Modules

When using multiple of the same module on a target our current UI displays several icons under the target. Especially when using unstackable modules, for instance remote repair modules, you have no good way to manage what module is on what target.

With the current UI menu I am requesting the ability to assign a color overlay to the module so that you can keep track of which module is on which target. I was going to give you MS paint workup of my idea, but I decided not to avoid becoming a meme with my lack of artistic ability.

Hover your mouse over the rep next time and marvel at the fact that it highlights it and even draws a line to the target :wink:

Yeah I know the current highlight, but with multiple accounts and then trying to go one by one to each module is an inefficient method imho…

I believe it would be easy enough to code and clearly identify at a glance to each of your screens.

Same feelings…

The current UI isn’t very contrast on stances, like traffic lights. Which can lead to big problems in crucial situations, like in Burning Missions or solo PVP.

With low color graphic saturation you can miss their stances:

  • Unactive;

  • Active;

  • Overheated;

  • Overheating is ready for next round;

  • Overheating will cancel next round;

  • Are offline;

  • Repairing;

  • Highlighted module on mouse over under target icons.

I love the idea, would make solo pvp as well as pve easier especially when using rr ships to do it.

Thank you val, good point

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