Its been 20 years and the hud icons of scram and disruptor are still too similar

Please can someone finally make different icons for scram / disruptor at least in the effect hud so its easy to tell which one affects the ship ? Thanks.

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why do you feel the need for a change. just because time passes doesnt mean that all things must change

Turn on your MWD.

If it doesn’t work you’re scrammed, otherwise pointed.
If you don’t have one, why care about the difference?

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They could have a microjump without a MWD? even then it’s just as fast to just hover over the icon.

I could see the argument that they’re almost identical to colourblind people though, which could be nice accessibility feature if fixed.

Indeed just a tiny change in color would be nice. Not even necessary to change any graphics.

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Because an UI being ambiguous is bad.
And if you don’t understand that, your opinion is worthless.

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