Plz Address These Soon

Love the new updates to the game. But here are several issues I think need to happen.

  1. DX12 objects lights flicker like crazy. All objects besides planets and ships flicker and its driving me freaking crazy. I tried launching in DX11 but eve-o doesnt seem to work.

  2. Dont allow ships to dock when a killright is activated. This really only effects the gankers outside jita. I doubt anyone besides those players would oppose this.

  3. Add descriptions into the faction warfare guide on how/where to aquire the components for purchasing fw billboards and listening posts.

  4. When accessing the new fw map, have it open on the map last used. As well as add heat map or something for ships destroyed.

Thank you…

This affects lots of scenarios and basically prevents a whole bunch of PvP opportunities so I’m gonna say no to this.

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