HUD changes we could really use

  • The most bizarre aspect of the HUD are the overheat “buttons”, if you can call those microscopic green slivers buttons. I can’t even fathom how that was ever considered acceptable UX. A rectangular overheat button underneath each module would make a lot more sense. Even better, you could have radial menus for each module button that control overheating, onlining & offlining as well as a button/radial menu for each rack. A setting to disable the overheat buttons to save vertical space on the console (for those who only use the radial menus) would also be great.
  • We need the option to either enable a translucent dark area behind the HUD blocks or a dimmer switch for the universe. This has been a huge pet peeve of mine since forever. I literally cannot tell the state of buttons with some gas clouds and suns behind the HUD.
  • I really, REALLY miss the old days when you had a line of small icons next to each entity’s icon on the target row showing you what kind of modules they were using on you (e-war, rep, etc.)

Right Double clicking a module should toggle overheat. Make the whole module the button.

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what is difference between Shift+click and double mouse click? There is already shortcut if you don’t want to deal with hud.

One hand vs two hands.

But now that I think of it, I wonder if I can just fiddle with the shortcuts to get this?

I want change colour in Proton UI - but dont have option or i dont see that.

That would be wonderful. That barely discernable slight yellow tinge on the route system in the overview sucks.

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Completely agreed.
Also would be good to be able to lock Overheat status of a single module only, and not the whole rack.

There’s a third option or in some cases a fourth.

Also for those of us that have face facing cameras, perhaps an option to gesture via facial movements?

For those that have flight sim foot pedals, perhaps configure those?

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