CCPlz! Can we now have some blackout around modules?

Like this.

(not mine. stole this frome iBeast discord)
The crux of the problem is that you can’t see what’s going on with the modules in the bright background. The cycle slider is not visible and overheating is difficult to read. It is desirable to make this option disabled via settings near capacitor.


Totally agree and thanks for bringing it up. Spent half a day early this summer looking or a mission locale with ‘dark’ space just so I could see what was going on with the central modules. ‘Space’ is too bright for me in many areas any more, and with that caveat, this issue here is even worse than it was several years ago.

I like the idea but what kind of barbarian doesn’t hide the passive modules?

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How do you know which ones have melted if you hide them?


you need passive modules if you use overheating.

1000 times, this. Also, the absurd pixel-wide overheating rings need to go. Its crazy that I have to keep overheat locked just so I don’t accidentally hit those ridiculous micro-nightmares. There are several better ways to implement those buttons, like maybe ctrl-clicking, having a half-width overheat button to the left of each module button, etc.

That rectangle is ugly, we need individual shadows dropped behind the modules, soft shadows. blurred on edges. same with every white element of UI in space that is without black contours around it. Like texts, like cursors, like lines, etc.

would be nice if this was limited to the furthest visible icon.

So it only shades the 2 module slots i have fit, and not the other 6 empty slots

You can hide empty slots

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