Now that the old UI is not an option (reduce flashing)

Now that the Photon UI is mandatory, could you put in an video option to reduce the ‘flash level’ everything does from 100 to Zero, so we could chose a brightness. Please include the flashing sign in space that tells you things like, ‘you already pushed that button’.

As Ive stated before the new UI makes me sick. I get headaches and nausea within a about 90 seconds. I believe that the brightness of the flashing is the source of about 70% of the problem. Having a UI option to tone down those bright flashes would reduce the degree of suffering I must endure to play the game now.

Please don’t tie the UI brightness to game brightness, it would ruin the game’s visuals.

Suffering, If and tell when some solution is created,
Maldiro Selkurk


For others suffering from the UI: (suggested steps to reduce the suffering)

  1. turn on as many layers of blue light filtering you monitor has (mine had 5)
  2. turn on blue light filtering in Windows, mine is set to 70%
  3. turn down the brightness of the game (this doesn’t effect the UI but it can help relive some eye strain to be ‘expended like currency’ on button flashes or getting ‘flash’ messages in space.
  4. I found the Minmatar color option for the UI to be the least painful / nauseating.
  5. In non-combat situations, close your eyes just before you push a flashing button, it doesn’t help 100% like you would think, your eyelids are not 100% filters but it does help.
  6. Try to avoid elements of the UI to the degree possible (keep things closed you used to have open)

If you find something that helps you with enduring the Photon UI please post them so that those that suffer from the Photon UI can give them a try.

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you might want to add this to the “little things” thread so it gets some direct dev attention. Make sure you follow the format in the op so it doesn’t get filtered out.

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or better yet, MAKE PHOTON UI Optional, there are many other areas that need attention then the UI yet here we are.


How long did it take them to fix the red dot? :roll_eyes:

Edit; I still get PTS whenever I see a red dot in a store or on any inventory…

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The fact that this even needs to be said… With all the work on photon they could have just made a “vintage mode” skin that would have fixed 90% of the complaints as long as the base UI worked, oh nm it is still full of bugs…

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