Icon brightness rough with Astigmatism


So for context I have an astigmatism, which causes glaring light to be much more bothersome than normal. I like the new UI for most part, but many of the elements are very bright, especially the standings icons beside people’s names. Even with my glasses on it’s not really fun, and without them it’s bad.

Is there a way that we could get a setting option that would tone the brightness of glowing elements down?


I have astigmatism too, and I was trying to work out why I’m physically repulsed by the Photon UI - I just can’t look at it for long before I want to turn it off.

I worked out one factor is the elevated level of contrast (the others are weird layout spacing and invisible/buried UI controls); in the current UI there is some mid-tone colour to keep it calm, but in Photon its BRIGHT on BLACK, cranked to 11.

I already run my monitor on a gaming mode that reduces the intensity of black, but the contrast is still too high with Photon.

I can’t see myself playing this game as much as I do now if the UI has such extreme contrast that it gives me headaches :confused:

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Agree on this. The glow effect would for the entire UI would suit a check box switch off in the settings menu if this goes live.

Thanks for fixing this. It’s much better now

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