White text/icons/labels should be dimmed

Pure white text on a black background should be used sparingly in design. In users with astigmatism (like me) it can cause a distracting halo effect on text, and in general user attention is drawn towards higher-contrast elements on a screen. This was fixed previously for some other elements being too bright.

These are some elements which are currently white and should be dimmed:

  • Misson text (pictured) is white, unlike similar text views
  • Highlight on Agents/Guests/Offices/Hangars active tab in-station, this is always visible in-station and almost always isn’t what the player wants to be looking at
  • Icons (but not text) in Locations tab are too white/bright
  • Text in contract creation confirmation page

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CarbonUI (old UI) uses grey text and drone hitpoint-boxes for this matter.

I’d suggest introducing an eye-friendly colorset/theme (avoiding glow) in PhotonUI.

Some players sit in front of the UI for prolonged sessions.

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I don’t like how I see a ship or any other list through the window! all texts are mixed !!! bring back the ability to darken the windows, I personally open 40 of them !!! what I see now is VERY NOT CONVENIENT and my eyes really start to hurt!

“To improve readability and prevent information overloac”

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