New patch = motion sick

I don’t get it, the new patch roles out and I get sick using it, this is all the photon patches that I e opted out for not just this one.

Even with all the windows closed I’m getting sick, so don’t get it, and I don’t get how to work around it

18 years was fine with old ui, and I can’t look at the screen for more than a few seconds without getting sick


I was expecting that it was just some un optimized thing that I was sensitive to and it would be gone before the mandate, I’ve mentioned it a few times but apparently not loud enough or in the right place

I’m not anti proton, the change is for the best of eve, removing spaghetti code,

I just can’t play being motion sick

I’ve turned off blur, closed all the windows, depth of field, all helped,

Switching to eve anywhere helped a bit when I had to log in on the other opt out patches, I assume due to video compression

Would it have been nice to have more modifications done before mandate sure, but oddly as much as I can’t play right now, I have to give props on the work they have so far, up until zero day mandate

glad I am not the only one. Watery eyes, headache, eyestrain, man, terrible.


I get motion Sick with the NEW UI, I have tried to report this a few times.

What Can i do that will let me play eve


I have gone through every option i can think of,

OLD UI, FIne, New one not

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I have this issue, was made a little better by creating a new profile in the launcher.
The downside of this was that it resets everything. overview, shortcuts, broadcast settings, everything. I even found out that Eve still has sound.

It’s still not right, the font is still white with grey blobs on it that make it look blurry, but I didn’t immediately feel sick.

Merged a Duplicate Topic in here.

Im at a loss, this is a shitty way to win eve


I can confirm, motion sick appears because if a regular dots. Especially when you work with market. When you activate window dots appear, when deactivate - disappear. Window is not moved, but brain detect movement of dots. Did not expect that motion sick may appear because of a pattern change.

Also motion sick may appear because of window rendering. When something is changed whole content of a window start to shake instead of just a part which is changed. The bigger window the more noticeable effect. Need to use align tables with fixed cell sizes for each element. And do not show partially loaded content at all.

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I got terrible headache and my eyes were watering. I thought I’d stayed too long in front of my pc but no, wasn’t even over two hours.
Once I closed EVE I felt better and was able to play KSP for another 3 hours.

Also, they made a new UI but didn’t figure out how to make the ‘X’ button bigger??? :thinking:


i did not make that conection until i saw this thread but i have headaches and a feeling of being sick for five weeks now and the doctors could not find anything in sonography and mri. it really started when i tried to get cool with the new ui. still not sure whether playing a computer game can create that effect but, why not…

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exact same here man !

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Its not a new thing in the gaming Industry

Small things that the eye cant perceive but the brain can, can also cause it

Screentime can make you feel sick – here are ways to manage cybersickness.

edit (there’s a few other names out there as well for the same phenomena)

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Since Everything I’m doing is one sided communication, Is there Any updates,
What Can I Do to Help To let me Play again

Can’t reproduce bug. Closed.

yep, I got that on my first Report, PUT in a second 1, Asking If getting Sick was Working as expected, Re opened,

Just think its the fact they where so overwhelmed by tickets

it means your description of the bug lacked a formal way to reproduce the issue.

A better bug desc would incorporate something like “PLAY GAME. PUKE.” which helps a lot to reproduce, and therefore fix, the issue.