Make the active module status more noticable

The pulsing green glow that shows when a module is active is not distinct enough, especially given that the modules have a green bar across the top to start with. Pulsing means that you need to look at it long enough for it to pulse once to be sure as well. If you’re multi-boxing, it is pretty easy to miss, on a quick scan of a screen, that one of your ships has an inactive module that should be active, or vice versa. That isn’t true for modules with cycle times, since they also get the white line rotating around it, but for ones that don’t, it isn’t really a great UI.

I’d suggest doing something to make it starker. Maybe the glow orange or some other color not already in use in that part of the interface. Maybe the button changes color entirely. Something like that.

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Just make the white activation band show up as a permanent white ring. Solved. Easy.

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I don’t understand.
What actual problem is there?

I’m questioning the reasoning. I don’t recall people ever bringing this up.
One would think multiboxers will do that eventually.

To me it sounds like he wants to have the UI …
… which everyone constantly looks at …
… changed because of a fraction of a second time he has to spend on looking at it.

So either he wants to optimize this away at the cost of everyone else having to get used to the new look …
… or because his screen scraping bot would be much easier to code if there was a static indicator.

I guess all he really wants, though, is just further optimizing his isk/h.

For some people, including me, it is nearly impossible to see if a cloak module is on or off. Sometimes I have to shut off my UI in order to check.

I’m pretty sure this thread refers to cloaking modules, but the OP probably didn’t want to deal with the forum flying monkeys that appear whenever cloaks are mentioned.


Just scroll in and out really quick … ?
I do that often to check my heading …

It’s more valid to point out for 15% of the population, you have no clue it has a green glow, or a pulsing green glow… gotta love colorblindness.

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I can’t speak to the OP’s motivation; but, personally? I do have vision issues that impact my ability to assess the user interface.

Much like @Xeux mentioned, I too, sometimes, simply cannot “view” the Hud information as it is currently presented. A color change, or hue intensity, would be very welcome.

I support the OP’s request.

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How did you handle it all the time before this guy made the thread?

Why didn’t anyone ever come up with this?

It has been mentioned a few times over the last year and a half.

People have noted this issue before.

As for myself, my first post, regarding vision issues, goes all the way back to when CCP changed the icons in the overview, back in 2014 or 2015? I don’t remember exactly. And I have been supporting posters, with recommendations for improving the interface for vision compromised players, since.

As to how I deal with it? I have a magnifying lens supported on a flexible goose neck clamp mounted on my table. The lens is big enough to cover approximately 1/4 of my screen and covers part of the Hud and all of my overview.

At the time of the icon change, I complained about the change among my irl friends, sufficiently, one of them put this contraption together for me, as a gift. I’ve been using it ever since. :slight_smile:


That’s ■■■■■■■ awesome! :smiley:

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