Color blind settings - module turning off color only

I am trying to set up my interface and I have problems seeing when modules are turned off (think things like siege module on/off - I just don’t see the difference). Is there a way to change only that red color to something like blue or cyan? I tried some combinations of the settings available in the colorblindness menu, but I always ended up not seeing something else (for example not seeing if the module is on at all or is I am missing any shield or capacitor - depending on the setting).

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This is probably a question for @Brisc_Rubal or @Mike_Azariah.

The question has been raised before regarding the cloak activation glow - but I don’t think it has been discussed recently as an accessibility issue. CCP seems to be open to making UI changes right now, so you might have some luck.

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What specific sort of colour blindness do you have, if I may ask.

I am asking because when I bring it to the UI folks I know they will ask me that question right out of the gate


This should be an easy question, but based on the tests that I did I have red-green color blindness and blue-yellow weakness. This results in me not having one set of options that work for me (for example, depending on specific red and green composition I will use different settings in Visolve for a static image to distinguish them).
In a perfect world I would like to have the flexibility to say ActiveModuleColor->(Color), CapacitorColor->(Color), etc. rather than what we have right now where you click colors and hope that it ends up being what you want.


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