Colorblind Issue

Ticket ID: EBR-142444

Spoke with CCP Habakuk about a colorblind issue with Carriers/Supercarriers. I have noticed that the colorblind settings do not effect their fighter tube select color… The highlight around each fighter tube when selected stays the color blue which for me unfortunately blends into the dark gray background and is uneffected by colorblind settings, making it hard to discern if a tube is selected. I have put a bug report in and haven’t had any updates or seen anything about it and unfortunately it’s made it nigh impossible for me to fly my new ship on live.

Session Info:
Character: (95385791)
Reproduction Steps
Undock in a carrier or supercarrier, bring up the UI for the fighters and select each fighter bay manually the circle to indicate selection is unchanged by colorblind settings. It stays blue even with different themes and colorblind settings. This also effects launched fighters as well as their outlines on the launched fighters are also blue as well and unchanged by the settings. Added several screenshots with the issue visible on different colorblind settings as well to showcase the effected issue.

Bumping cause this effects my ability to even fly a niddie.

Bumping, as the issue is still persisting and would like information or feedback on workarounds that are not against the TOS so that I may use my carriers, instead of not playing eve.

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