Modules that shouldn't be toggles

I have died many times, in ships that are limited edition too because all modules are toggled.
What most often kills me is that I can’t tell if the game realizes I’m trying to cloak (It sometimes ignores me, and other times is delayed by some 20 seconds).
Often, I cloak, and then I uncloak shortly afterwards, which leads to my destruction.
Even in today’s world, we use switches to turn things on and off - not typically buttons.
My suggestion is to have a way to turn on the device, and a different way to turn off the device. Perhaps it can be configured in the settings so that (for example) pressing shift tries to turn the device on, but never off, but not pressing shift will toggle the device like it currently does… or perhaps something else.


That’s why I made this post

That is what happens when you panic click. You end up clicking twice, on and then off.

Don’t panic click.


And report @Anderson_Geten for false reporting.

Criticism is not trolling. Just because someone says your idea is bad, doesn’t mean they’re trolling you. Maybe it just means you have bad ideas.

In a game where pushing the button once turns it on, and pushing it again turns it off, it stands to reason that if you press it twice very quickly b/c you’re freaking out you’re about to die… you’re just going to end up turning it on and off again. Salt is right, panic clicking leads to abnormal module behavior.

And your idea of activating all your modules when you’re out of range, so they automatically activate at once when you get in range, is also a bad idea. They fail because they don’t have a valid target. They shouldn’t sit around waiting for a valid target, you should make sure you select a valid target. So again, not trolling… Just rebuttals to bad ideas.


Real answers that you don’t agree with are not trolling.


I cloak all the time, playing from West Coast US, I just don’t panic, I wait for the response from the server.

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If you panic and click to fast after hitting align that is what happens.

It is not an issue, it is user error, plus it is an idea and I have every right to voice my opinion on the idea.

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If you have a little bit of arthritis in your hands clicking and holding is hard to control - This will cause your cloak to activate/deactivate


No, that means the change is unnecessary because it was user error.


Cloaks have a cool down, do if you cloak, and uncloak you have a cooldown based on the cloak your using before you can cloak again…so if you decloak infront of someone and think you’ll be fine recloaking YOU’RE GOING TO DIE.

PS all cloaks have a cool down, some are shorter than the normal t1 cloaks and the t2 covertops cloaks has a really short cooldown on cover tops ships.

It’s crazy, but all I’m getting from this thread is that Anderson thinks anyone who isn’t in favor of their position is useless and trolling. Funny that.

While it seems others are saying that if you wait for server responses, you can activate everything you want, when you want. You just shouldn’t spam buttons hoping things will activate sooner than the server allows. All that leads to is overlapping commands, and things getting turned on and right back off again.


They don’t get activated sooner that server allows, because it’s the server that activates them -.-

And did I talk about spamming ? No I did not. Nobody did. The fck are you talking about ?

OP, welcome to your introduction to certain players who think that fixing bad interface design is “making it too easy” and dealing with poor interface design is part of the “skill” of the game. You’re 100% correct but they’ll fight to the death to prevent the problem from being fixed.

It has nothing to do with skill, a toggle button is common in all sorts of places, phones, everything.

Once for on.

Once for Off.

People who spam buttons end up off and waiting for the cycle.

Simple, not even hard enough to be called a skill.


that’s completely false. People who use a physical device have instant feedback. This is not the case in eve.
Only trolls say clicking twice on a button is “spam”

If it’s not about skill then why are you so opposed to making the change? Shouldn’t everyone be in favor of improving the interface?

And yes, it’s one click. Too bad it gives no acknowledgement if the server received your click, or how it was sequenced with the other clicks. That’s a big problem when trying to decloak from a gate, recloak, and warp out. If you’re clicking slowly enough to ensure that the server gets the sequence correct you’re staying decloaked long enough for a fast locking ship to catch you. If it looks like you’ve started to align but the server received your initial press of the button before taking your ship out of gate cloak mode (therefore leaving you not cloaked and easily locked) pressing it again might fix the sequencing error and cloak your ship, or it might be the case that the server is lagging a moment in executing the initial cloak command and the recovery attempt becomes a decloak command and you die. You should never be in a state where you don’t know the status of your modules or what the server is trying to do with them, and one solution would be allowing enable-only or disable-only clicks.

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Of course everyone does, problem is…

I don’t think what you are suggesting is an improvement.

The UI is not bad. Perhaps your connection is bad, I get feedback when I press a button.

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The ui sucks, getting a feedback 2s AFTER the input is not getting a feedback WHEN input.

2 seconds? Get a new connection. 9600 baud is not enough.

I am on West coast US and I get sub second response.

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