Overview, settings, and window sizes all reset after patches

I recently discovered that I do not have a backup folder for these settings and have been suffering through redoing my entire overview and all of my settings for every account, every time there is a patch. Any ideas on how to remedy this?

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Click the gear icon next to your account name in the launcher
Click Manage profiles
Use copy profile with the profile you used before on the left to copy it to TQ
Click OK/Close to exit the manage profiles window
Click the gear again and pick the migrated profile
Launch EVE


So I should set up a my overview, settings, window sizes, placement, the whole 9 yards on one profile; then do this across the rest?

The overview you can export out and import from the misc tab within overview settings, not sure about window sizes / locations etc.

Thank you for this fix. If I had not been able to find it, I would have ended up leaving a very long, angry and profane rant directed directly at the individuals at CCP for breaking things and then I would have promptly uninstalled the game and quit.

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This helped me a lot, thank you very much!

Same here, thanks a lot.

Thank you for the tip, saved me a lot of time fixing everything

Thank you it helps me a lot.


I’m running 3 accounts on my Steam Client. One is the original Steam account, the other two accounts I added later. I set up new profiles for all 3 of them. The Steam one though always resets to “Default” every time I start EVE from Steam.

Fix incoming?

I logged out after 10minutes with all my overview screwed up…

Without finding this page I probably wouldn’t have logged in for another month :slight_smile:

Thank you two thumbs fresh

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