P2 pi how to prevent p0 overflow?

I have 6 planets each producing their own p2 from p0 for a more passive production rather than min maxed.

A problem I have is that my p0 clogs up my launchpad. Any tips on solving this? Is the only way to move the extractors to extract less? - Feels like a waste doing that though

You might want to add at least one Storage Facility and route both P0s from extractors to it, then use Launchpad only for P1 and P2 products storage.

This works quite good as P2 always consumes P1 before the cycle. Output P2 will take less space than consumed P1 so you don’t risk lack of space for final P2 product because flow of P1 is throttled by cycles of basic factories.

If you have very good planet or short extractor cycles, and one Storage Facility is not enough then you will need to place two Storage Facilities - one per each P0 close to its extractor.

The key on passive production is to setup extractor heads that they produce balanced (equal) yield of both P0. This can be achieved by giving more heads to the extractor which produces less.

On your example - “Non-CS Crystals” should get less heads and “Heavy Metals” should get more.

In case you can’t achieve the balance and one extractor is producing more than the other then just cycle them when resetting extractor programs - remove one head from one P0 and add it to the other. On next reset revert it.

Configuration which works for me very well (requires Command Center Upgrades IV):


  1. All buildings are located in straight line pointing P0 resource hot spots.

  2. Sequence of buildings: ECU – BIF – BIF – AIF (no link) AIF – BIF – BIF – ECU. Launchpad is linked to AIF with single link. Storage is linked to both AIFs. There is no link between AIFs.

  3. Buildings are located as close as possible and only one link is used between them to save power grid. Routes are transiting though Storage Facility.

With that setup I can run 10 extractor heads in total and divide them between both P0s to get balanced yield which provides enough P0 to cover entire extractor program until next reset.

CPU: 37.8%
Power: 99.3%


The setup you show is the one I used in Nullsec. It allows you to harvest up to 18000 units of each P0 commodity and produce up to 15 units of P2 per hour without overflow. You only have enough power for 9 or 10 extractor heads (depending on link length) with level 5 skills so I found it fairly easy to keep P0 extraction balanced without going over. I was averaging a bit more than 2000 unit of P2/colony/week across all my planets with very little maintenance. I never moved my colony to chase resources - simply accepted lower yield for a week or two until new resources spawned close by.


Extractors consume a lot of power to build, that is why I prefer extracting only one P0 and export/import it to the other planet that produces the second P0. That way your bottleneck will be link capacity and not power, and you will have enough power to create lots of factories.

The only reason to go from P0 to P2 on the same planet is reduced workload. I believe the most efficient setup is to export P1 and combine at a dedicated factory planet but haven’t tried that myself.

Whether it’s worth the time, effort and additional import/export taxes will depend on your individual circumstances and how much you enjoy managing your colonies!

I tried to build some reasonable setup with 5 planets with following roles:

  • 2 planets harvest first P0 and produce first P1 out of it
  • 2 planets harvest second P0 and produce second P1 out of it
  • 1 planet is factory planet where both P1s are converted to P2

Harvesting single P1 sounds very good as there is no need to search for spot which is close to both P0s and many extractors can be run in parallel.

But it turned out that I could not find good setup for factory planet.

I was able to fit maximum 10 Advanced Industry Facilities (and supporting infrastructure of Launchpads, links etc.).

So the total P2 output from 5 planets would be exactly the same (10 AIFs on single planet) as with setup where each planet produces P0->P2 with 2xAIF/planet.

P2 production is scaled by number of factories and time of cycle, not amount of P0 resources harvested so 10 AIFs will produce always same amount of P2 regardless if they are concentrated on single planet or spread at 5 planets.

Additionally this setup would require constant work and presence at the solar system where planets are located almost non-stop because factory planet would require continuous deliveries from harvesting planets to keep the production running.

In general:

  • less storage space on factory planet => more frequent hauling and more power grid for factories
  • more power grid for factories => increased demand for P1 => more frequent hauling

Which equals even more frequent hauling.

Last but also important this setup requires very low tax POCOs on all planets and all planets must be located in same or neighbourhood systems to avoid long trips with Epithals.

So finally I gave up because with passive setup I have 5 self-sufficient planets, still with 10xAIF and all I have to do is to reset extractors every couple of days which I can do remotely, and show up just to collect ready P2 every couple of weeks.

Maybe there is some clever design for factory planet or things will calculate differently with Command Center Upgrades V…

CC Upgrades 5 is a must since it allows you to have P2 factories on the planet you produce one of the P1, inporting the second P1. This way you will extract on all planets, significantly improving production. Factory planets are only worth if you buy P2 and create P4s.