Pagids Legion - Nullsec PvP Corp - Outside the big blob

Bumpity bump, recruitment going really well!

Still looking for pilots and stuff

Back up!


Looking for fighters not lovers


The corporation is suitable to non combat orientated pilots. All option are unlimited.

Thanks for the bump Multi; I suggest you take a look at your KB:

@Multifrequency your corp: :parrotsleep: :parrotsleep::parrotsleep::parrotsleep::parrotsleep::parrotsleep::parrotsleep::parrotsleep:

Then you can compare that with ours:

Let me know if you need any help!

@Multifrequency Dude, by the way… My bounty is gone!

If you get a chance could you re-up another one on my toon?

Thanks m8

-Fly dangerous!


Fly Dangerous!

Check us out!

Still recruiting!



Come check us out! you will not regret it!


To ruin your day, I’d like to point out that tomorrow, is Monday.

Mount up! We are expanding and looking for new members to fill out ranks!

Stop by our discord